Klaas de Jong : Producer

Klaas de Jong has made over 12 succesfull feature films in The Netherlands, both as producer and as executive producer. He is the man behind the scenes and is at his best when he can devellop a new project from scratch. He is responsible for getting the financing together up till the evolvement of the best script. It starts with an idea, the challenge is to find the right people for the project and to rate it up to a higher level. One of Klaas his key priorities is the highest production value within relatively modest budgets.


Roel Reiné : Director

Roel Reiné was born in The Netherlands and with his first theatrical feature ‘The Delivery’ he won The Golden Calf for Best Director (the Dutch equivalent to an Academy Award). In 2005 Roel Reine has moved to Los Angeles and has directed now an impressive slate of 16 feature films for studios like Universal, 20th Century Fox, Sony and Lionsgate, as well with independent international producers. Roel is also the Director of Photography (Cinematographer) on all his movies and operates A-Camera.

Roel Reine is known by fans, critics and Hollywood studios as one of the best modern action Directors around today. In 2014, Roel started his first collaboration with producer Klaas de Jong. He directed the second most expensive movie ever produced in The Netherlands “The Admiral” which will be released in January, 2015.


Alex Van Galen : Writer

Alex van Galen (Eindhoven, 1965) studied literature in Utrecht. He gained fame as a writerof dozens of successful television series such as Rozengeur en Wodka Lime, ’t Zonnetje in Huis, Samsam, Onderweg Naar Morgen and the AVRO comedy We Gaan Nog Niet Naar Huis. He sold his screenplay Bullitz to Hollywood. Besides being a screen writer, Alex also writes books. Previously he wrote the book “Süskind” and the novel about the movie Michiel de Ruyter (Admiral). He says: “This a really a childhood dream. As a child I read the biography of De Ruyter. He was one of my childhood heroes. I have done a lot of research for the film which couldn’t fit in the script, but I was able to write it in my book. I think that will give the book an extra value”. The book about Michiel de Ruyter is pusblished in January, 2015.


Trevor Morris : Componist

Trevor Morris (born 25 May 1970) is a Canadian orchestral composer, music producer, and creator of electronic music. He is probably best known for the creating the soundtracks for the television shows The Tudors, The Pillars of the Earth, The Borgias, Vikings and the film Olympus Has Fallen. He has recently been nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music for his score for The Borgias and an Emmy for Outstanding Music Composition for a Miniseries, Movie or A Special (Original Dramatic Score) for his score for The Pillars of the Earth. Recently, he composed for the action movie Olympus Has Fallen.


Radu Ion : Editor

Radu moved from Amsterdam, The Netherlands to Los Angeles in the summer of 2000. He holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from The London International Film School and a master’s degree in fine arts from The American Film Institute.

After graduating from AFI late 2002, he began working as a film trailer editor in motion picture advertising with primarily Universal Pictures and a few other vendors in their marketing departments. His marketing campaigns include “Van Helsing”, “Bowling for Columbine”, “The Bourne Supremacy”, “Kicking & Screaming”, “The Interpreter”, “Oliver Stone’s Alexander”, “2Fast & 2Furious”, “Inside Man”, “Idlewild”, “White Noise”, “The Skeleton Key”, “Blackbook”, “The Bank Job”, “Friday Night Lights” and “Dark Streets” to name just a few, as well as many independent film marketing campaigns.

In 2006 he began cutting feature length films as a freelance film editor. Since 2010 he has been editing several Universal Pictures feature film productions.

Radu is the recipient of a Hollywood Reporter Key Art Award for his trailer for “Almost Famous” and an Emmy nomination for editing on the 2003, 75th Annual Academy Awards.


Ingeborg van Eetvelde : Make-up Artist

Ingeborg is a Belgium Make-up artist and worked for: Man zkt. vrouw, de serie In Vlaamse Velden, de tv serie Vlaamse Vriendinnen and many more!


Martina Fehmer : Costume Designer

Martina was the stylist of the cast and many extra’s of ‘Verliefd op Ibiza’ and ‘Toscaanse Bruiloft’ and ‘The Admiral’. Martina didn’t only work for film, but also for theatre, opera, commercial and television.


Christianne van Wijk : Line Producer

Christianne van Wijk won ‘Best Director’ at the London Independent Film Festival with her first feature length Period Drama ‘The Scandalous Four’, among a number of other awards.

She divides her time between mainstream film production and as a director on independent films and documentaries.

Christianne is particularly inspired in paradigm shifting stories and concepts and is always to be found in projects that push the boundaries of convention.

This is Christianne’s second venture with Klaas de Jong and Roel Reiné. She loves their gutsy courage and the way they both set the bar as high as they possibly can.


Maikel Nijnhuis : Production Designer

After several jobs as a director, Maikel decided to work as the Production Designer for Redbad. His lookbook got amazing feedback from both the director as the producer.


Sander Leemans : Setdresser

As a setdresser Sander is responsible for the look of the film in name of the Art Department. In the Netherlands the function of the setdresser is combined with the on-det setdresser and the props. Sander worked on several Dutch movies as setdresser like: ‘Oh Baby’, ‘Gek van Geluk’, ‘Sneekweek’, ‘Rokjesdag’, ‘Toscaanse Bruiloft’ en ‘Michiel De Ruyter’.


Jutta Smeyers : Key Costumer

Jutta is responsible for dressing the cast of Redbad. Jutta was also key costumer of the movies ‘Tuintje in mijn Hart’, ‘Michiel de Ruyter’ en ‘Verliefd op Ibiza’ and many more.

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