Gijs Naber is Redbad

Gijs Naber starred as the main actor in Mike van Diem’s ‘Tulipani’, the opening movie of the Dutch Film Festival. This movie premiered worldwide in Toronto where it competes at the Contemporary World Cinema.

Later this year Gijs will appear as the main actor in Thomas Acda’s ‘Oh Baby’ and will be starred in ‘My Foolish Heart’, a film about Chet Baker. In 2014 Gijs won the Golden Calf for Best Actor in ‘Aanmodderfakker’.
Other movies where Gijs played are ‘De Heineken Ontvoering’, ‘Majesteit’ and ‘Het Verlangen’.
The latest season of Penoza, Gijs plays Storm.


Jonathan Banks is Pepijn

Jonathan Ray Banks is an American actor. His first notable film roles were in the films ‘Airplane’!,’ 48 Hrs’., and ‘Beverly Hills Cop’. He has received critical acclaim for his role as Mike Ehrmantraut in the television series ‘Breaking Bad’ and its spin-off, ‘Better Call Saul’, as well as Frank McPike in ‘Wiseguy’. He has received five Primetime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.


Loes Haverkort is Frea

Loes Haverkort is a succesfull Dutch actress and singer. She played the lead character in the feature film ‘Rendez-vous’ and played in ‘Schneider vs. Bax’, ‘De Boskampi’s’, ‘Dik Trom’ and many more.

Loes played the lead Charlotte in the musical ‘Soldaat van Oranje’, which was prized with several Musical Awards. She also played in many Dutch theatre plays, like the lead in ‘Fatal Attraction’. Loes also had her own theatre company.

She played in many TV-shows, like the popular show ‘Vechtershart’. In 2015 Loes was nominated for a Golden Calf in the category of ‘Best Actress in TV-drama’ for ‘The Yacht’.

This year Loes was on the silver screen with ‘Voor Elkaar Gemaakt’. She also played in the forth season of ‘Celblok H’ and in the second season of ‘Vechtershart’.

Later this year Loes can be seen in ‘Gek van Geluk’.


Teun Kuilboer is Jurre

Teun Kuilboer played starred in many movies and TV-shows. He played Frans Meijer in ‘De Heineken Ontvoering’.
Teun played one lead characters in the TV-show ‘BLUF’ (2nd season). He also played roles in movies that won Golden Calfs like ‘Den Helder’ and ‘Geen koningen in ons bloed’.
Teun also starred in ‘Schone Handen’ and ‘Bon Bini Holland’.


Lisa Smit is Fenne

Lisa made her feature film debut as Liselore in ‘De Griezelbus’. Later she played in the psychological thriller ‘TBS’, ‘Shockling Blue’ and ‘One night stand mijn Marko’. In 2011 Lisa was cast for the German feature film ‘Quellen des Lebens’, directed by Oskar Roehler.
Afterwards Lisa played in the movies ‘Jong’ and ‘Kenau’. In 2008 Lisa won the ‘Cosmo-Girl Born to Lead Award’ and she made it to the short list of the Rembrandt Awards.


Egbert-Jan Weeber is Bonifatius

Egbert-Jan was born in Groningen in 1981. Egbert-Jan went straight from high school to the Theatre School in Groningen. At eighteen, he made his debut in “Uitgesloten”, a TV production about a boy who is “excluded” from the Jehovah’s Witness’ parish.

Via supporting roles in a mass of in theatre-productions and TV-series like Finals (2000), Baantjer (1995) and small film productions, such as Anderland (2003) (dir. Arne Toonen), he quickly became the premier jeune of Dutch film. Egbert-Jan was nominated for a Golden Calf for his role as Jonathan Stork.

Egbert-Jan co-starred with Netherland’s most popular actress Katja Schuurman, in Oesters van Nam Kee (2002). He also starred in ‘Van God Los’ (2003) and got great reviews. His friends may call him “Eggie” and he lives in Amsterdam.


Derek de Lint is Eibert

Dick Hein de Lint (born 17 July 1950) is a Dutch film and television actor.

De Lint was born in The Hague. In 1977, he played the character Alex in the film ‘Soldier of Orange’, directed by Paul Verhoeven. This role made Derek internationally famous. In 1986 he played the role of Anton Steenwijk in ‘The Assault’, which won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1986.

In 2006, De Lint starred in Verhoeven’s ‘Black Book’ as Gerben Kuipers. He was a regular on the sci-fi drama ‘Poltergeist: The Legacy’, which ran from 1996 to 1999. Recently, he played in ‘Nova Zembla’ (2011), ‘Gooische Vrouwen’ and ‘Tula: The revolt’ (2013). In 2012, he starred in the Blender Open Movie ‘Tears of Steel’.


Soren Malling is Wiglek

Søren Dyrberg Malling is a Danish actor. Raised in Kjellerup, Malling trained at Skuespillerskolen at Odense Teater in 1992. He is best known for his role as Inspector Jan Meyer in the Danish TV crime thriller Forbrydelsen.
In 2010 Malling played Torben Friis in another Danish series, Borgen, and later had a major role in 1864, resulting in him achieving international recognition
In 2013, he received the Lauritzen Award.


Huub Stapel is Aldigisl

Huub Stapel is a Dutch actor. He is especially known from the films De Lift (1983), Flodder (1986) and Amsterdamned (1988) by Dick Maas. He also appeared in the Golden Earring video When the Lady Smiles.

Huub received the ‘Johan Kaartprijs’ in 2014 in the DeLaMar-theater in Amsterdam. He won prizes for the theatre roles in the plays ‘Mannen komen van Mars, vrouwen van Venus’ and ‘God van de slachting’.


Renee Soutendijk is Idwina

Renee has built an impressive film career in her 40-year experience. She has a number of important honors, including a Golden Calf for her entire Oeuvre. After the success of the films of Paul Verhoeven, “Spetters” and “De Vierde Man”, she has regularly worked in America, England and Germany. In recent years, Renee was again frequently seen in the Theater (2 women, Borgen and Roem), and in series such as Moordvrouw and C.M.C. (Photo: Frans Jansen)


Tibo Vandenborre is Charles

Belgian actor Tibo Vandenborre is best known for his role in the 2011 hit ‘Bullhead’ and has a penchant for playing villains and heavies. Vandenborre got his start in 2004 in the award-winning short film ‘Carlo’ and made his feature debut in the 2007 Belgian drama ‘Les larmes de l’argent’ as Lieutenant Laurent. He then appeared on the TV show “Taste” in 2008 and played another soldier in the historical World War II drama “Winter in Wartime,” which was highly acclaimed and earned accolades at several festivals including the Nederlands Festival and the Rome Film Fest. He had more feature roles in 2010, including a part in the horror film “Two Eyes Staring” and the thriller “White Snow,” in which he appeared as a nameless thug. He appeared in several film and TV projects in 2011 but it was his work in the foreign film Academy-Award nominee “Bullhead” that overshadowed all other work. The film, about a cattle farmer who gets mixed up in criminal dealings, featured Vandenborre in a key supporting role. He also appeared in the 2011 drama “Hotel Swooni” and a supporting role in the drama “L’envahisseur.” In 2012 he appeared in the mystery “Rust & Bone” with Marion Cotillard.


Britte Lagcher is Sinde

Britte Lagcher graduated at the Amsterdam School of Performing Arts and Applied Arts in 2012 and has since been featured in various television series and films such as ‘Ramses’, ‘Vier Meter’, ‘Van God Los’, ‘Prooi’ and played a major role in the third season of ‘Overpel’. In 2017, Lagcher could be seen in the series ‘Suspects’, which was recorded without script.

In addition to film and television, Britte plays regularly in theater performances. During her studies, she performed at Orkater. Since 2013 she has been featured in various productions of Beumer & Drost.


Jack Wouterse is Willibrord

Jack Wouterse was featured in dozens of movies, television series and plays. He acted in films such as ‘De Noorderlingen’, ‘De Onfatsoenlijke Vrouw’, ‘De Jurk’, ‘Kruimeltje’, ‘Minoes’, ‘Pietje Bell’, ‘Pluk van de Petteflet’, ‘Vet Hard’, ‘Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek’, ‘Black Dog’, ‘Frits en Franky’ en ‘Chez Nous’. With Theo van Gogh he worked among others to ‘Medea’, ‘06/05’, ‘Najib en Julia’ and ‘Baby Blue’. In 1993 he won a Golden Calf for his role in ‘En route’ and in 1999 as Fipa d’Or for ‘Suzy Q’. From the 90’s on he has been featured at the RO Theater in many shows like ‘Dood van een Handelsreiziger’, ‘West Side Story’, ‘Walden’ and his solo performance ‘Slave’.
He was also featured in various television series including ‘Baantjer’, ‘Grijpstra en de Gier’, ‘All Stars’, ‘Van God Los’, ‘’t Schaep met de 5 Pooten’ and ‘Dokter Tinus’. Soon he will be featured in the new KPN series ‘Fenix’. In addition, Jack’s voice is heard regularly in animation films and series like ‘The Smurfs’ and ‘Ice Age’.


Mark van Eeuwen is Wulf

Mark recently played in the romantic comedy ‘Alles voor Elkaar’. Before that he was featured in films such as ‘Rendez-Vous’, ‘De Heineken Ontvoering’, ‘Finn’, ‘App’, ‘De Eetclub’ and ‘Snowfever’.
Mark is now on television in the second season of the TV-show ‘Flikken Rotterdam’. Previously, he was seen in ‘B.A.B.S.’, ‘Dagboek van een Callgirl’, ‘Meiden van de Herengracht’ and ‘Bluf’. In addition, he was featured in the TV-shows ‘Rechercheur Ria’, ‘Voetbalvrouwen’, ‘Kicken’, ‘Bitches’. In 2005 Mark played a guest role in the drama series of the English television channel ‘ITV: Mike Bassett: Manager’. In 2016 he played Pertrus in ‘The Passion 2016’. Mark also played in the musical ‘The Bodyguard’ for two years.


Daphne Wellens is Trude

Daphne Wellens is one of the upcoming actresses in Belgium. She graduated in 2014 from the Maastricht Theater Academy. Daphne has a background in classical ballet and Jazz dance and got her first role as a young dancer in the teen-drama series ‘Spring’. After that she was part of the main cast of ‘De Rodenburgs’. During her actor’s training, she made various guest appearances in TV series such as ‘Rox’, ‘Vermist’ and ‘Danni Lowinski’. In 2015 she had a leading role of a children’s series ‘Welkom in de Wilton’. Since her graduation she has made guest appearances in ‘New Texas’, ‘Strikers’, ‘Coppers’, ‘Patrouille Linkeroever’, ‘De Bunker’, ‘Professor T’ and ‘Cordon 2’. She has secured her first leading role in Charlie and Hannah’s ‘Grand Night Out’, a film by Bert Scholiers that will will be released beginning of 2018. Recently she starred in two more films: ‘Allemaal Familie’ by Dries Vos and ‘Pippa’ by Marc Punt. Daphne also works for theatre. In 2015 she was touring in France with ‘Le Schpountz’ by Comp.Marius. Daphne’s mother tongue is Flemish, and is fluent in French and English.


Gene Bervoets is Thierry

Gene Bervoets is a Belgian actor. He was born in Antwerp on the 26th of March, 1956. Gene studied at Studio Herman Teirlinck in. He graduated in 1980. Bervoets played in more than 50 films. In 2015 he received the Ensor for Best Actor. He was nominated for the Golden Calf in 2009 in the category of Best Actor. He is known from different TV series in Flanders and The Netherlands.


Martijn Fischer is Gebbe

Martijn Fischer worked at theater companies like the RO theater and the Nationaal Toneel. He played with De Verleiders the play ‘Slikken en Stikken’. He was Andre Hazes in the musical ‘Hij gelooft in mij’ and won with the Kraaijkamp Musical Award for best male lead. Also for his role as Hazes in the movie ‘Bloed, zweet en tranen’ Martijn was rewarded with Golden Calf. In addition, Martijn played in TV-shows like ‘Vechtershart’ and ‘Petticoat’ and in the movies ‘Rokjesdag’ and ‘Onze Jongens’. Martijn played the role of Jesus in ‘The Passion’. Fischer also has his tour with an 8-star band called ‘Hits van Hazes’.


Aus Greidanus Senior is Odulf

Aus Greidanus is an actor and director and has been connected for many years to the theater group ‘De Appel’. He directed numerous productions and has been the Art Director of the company since 1999 leader. On TV, he can be seen in De 12 from Oldenheim, the series Brussels, De Mannentester, Lord and Master and Ments. He had a role in the feature film Masterpiece and played in Character and High
Heels, Real Love.


Birgit Schuurman is Healer

Birgit is an actress and singer, born in Utrecht. She started her singing career several years before her graduation.
In 1999 she featured in the video ‘Onderweg’ by Abel and started to present a television program on Fox Kids. Her musical breakthrough followed in 2001 with her song “I Know”, and the corresponding album Few Like Me.
In 2006, Birgit performed in the theater production ‘Sexual Perversity’. Birgit also plays the role of Angela Bijlsma in ‘De Eetclub’, Begin 2013 she plays in ‘Ballast’ and ’Bro’s Before Ho’s’. In 2014 she played in the musical ‘Vijftig tinten…de parodie’. She played the lead in ‘Pijnstillers’ and also was the voice of Emmy Altava in the ‘Professor Layton’ games for the Nintendo 3DS. In 2016, Birgit played in the theater production ‘Pumps and Penalties’.


Pieter Embrechts is General Focard

Under the wings of mentor Jan Decleir, Pieter developed himself into a popular independent actor who earned his stripes in film, theater and TV-shows. In addition, he also acts as director and writer of various major productions for theater and television. From youth series like ‘W @ = D @’ and ‘My sport is top’ on KETNET, about Flemish fiction with The Peulen Palace, ‘The Taste of The Keyser’, and ‘Can I Kiss You On ONE’, ‘To Present And Co-Man of Man Over Word’ on CANVAS, Pieter does it all.
At the theater he played at large companies in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, and he was a child at HETPALEIS for several years, where he made various performances, among other things, the koekwieten and spits brother Dimitri Leue. In 2007, Pieter wrote the music performance, ‘Sunjata’, who won three major musical prizes, including the “Best Content Performance” for Pieter’s text. Sunjatab worked in 2009 to create a beautiful listening game with illustrated children’s book and the TV series was also featured on Ketnet. The animation film is being worked on. This autumn, the Sinterklaas long-film ‘Ay Ramon’ will also go to a scenario by Hugo Matthijsen, directed by Stijn Coninckx. Pieter plays the title role as Ramon. In addition, Pieter’s voice can be heard in many animated movies and delicious audiences like ‘Tarzan’, ‘Flushed Away’, ‘Ice Age’, ‘Kung Fu Panda’ and many other films.


Simon Stenspil is Sibold

Simon Krogh Stenspil was born on June 26, 1983 in Denmark. He is an actor, known for Mistænkt (2001) and Rita (2012).



Adam Ild Rohweder was born on October 3, 1987 in Copenhagen, Denmark as Adam Ild Schjøtt Rohweder. He is an actor, known for
Guldkysten (2015).


Morten Rose is Gund

Morten Rose was born on January 7, 1975 in Denmark. He is an actor, known for Submarino (2010), Endless Dead Ends (2007) and
Antboy 3 (2016).

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